Wednesday, August 1, 2012


My name is Julio Díaz,I am an animation/illustration major at San Jose State University and am working on getting my BFA. I would really like to work as an animator on 2D or 3D animated films but would also enjoy working in the video game industry. I have taken all my lower division courses required for the (ANI) program and am enrolling in upper division courses this coming semester including ani 114a, phys 123 and ani 129a.I have taken a few science courses. Geology was quite possibly my favorite of the science classes. I hope to gain valuable skills and knowledge from this course which I can then apply to my animation exploits.

Reversal drawing. This assignment was fun for me. The process involved erasing the charcoal to create an image and get it as close as possible to the black and white original photo. 

This one is a personal piece. I am a fan of comic book art and wanted to give it that type of look and feel. It's done with colored pencils

A face painting idea for the day of the dead celebration

Rock rendering for ani 113b

Egg rendering for ani 113b

Acorn rendering for ani 113b

 Daytime forest scene for ani 113b

I enjoyed making this short video for my ani 28 class. Coming up with an idea, making a short story and putting animation to it was pretty fun.

The First Post

This is the first post to make sure that I'm able to use this blog. This is for my (Phys 123) Physics of animation class at San Jose State University.